The Root Causes of Declining Health

The Root Causes of Declining Health

The Root Causes of Declining Health

We appear to need around 90 to 100 substances daily, as a basis for vibrant health and a long life. These consist of around 60 to 70 minerals (incorporating trace elements & rare earths), 16 vitamins, 12 essential amino acids and 3, essential fatty acids, together with sufficient oxygen and fresh unpolluted water.

We should obtain the nutrient substances from high quality proteins, carbohydrates and unsaturated and certain saturated fats – natural organic foods that we evolved from.  Providing all of these in our diet (if it were still possible), would allow the body to assemble or manufacture daily, the thousands of other substances that are needed to keep it operating at peak efficiency.

“We get all we need from a balanced diet”, so we are told by various institutions, committees and quango’s, many of which are following an agenda, which is not in our interest.  A view from the real world of escalating disease statistics and the findings of nutritional science paint a different and very bleak picture.

Intensive modern farming methods on barren soil, grossly chemical-polluted food, chemical-polluted- water and air, too much stress, too little sleep, lack of exercise, poor preventative health care, the over-use of recreational and some prescriptive drugs, excess alcohol, electromagnetic pollution and a lack of basic nutritional information has created a platform for ill health as a norm.

The majority of food produced for our consumption is literally unfit for ingestion from a nutritional standpoint; it is highly processed, cleverly packaged garbage. Much of it is full of processed sugars, hydrogenated fat, artificial flavourings, dyes, additives, E numbers, artificial sweeteners, emulsifiers, gelling and glazing agents, stabilisers, preservatives and growth hormones – from animal protein. In fact, it is full of everything that we do not need and very little of what we do need.

We add further to this toxic burden with some of the ways that we prepare food.  Frying and smoking foods, produces many carcinogenic (cancer causing) substances.  Boiling destroys or significantly reduces the vitamin content.  (The answer here is obviously, to reduce the amounts of food that we fry and substitute steaming for boiling.  The steaming of food retains around eighty per cent of the nutrients).

The list of non-food ingredients that by law is allowed in our food is almost endless.  If that isn’t enough, when crops are growing they are sprayed with many differing fertilisers and insecticides, among other types of chemicals.  These become part and parcel of our food chain, the residue that does not become incorporated into the crop, washes off and enters the water table, so we get a double dose for good measure.

Fertilisers and insecticides can act as synthetic oestrogens, once they are in the body.  This can lead to severe damage to both males and females.  Would you believe that an emulsifier (nonyl phenol) used by many plastic container manufacturers, can leach into the food or liquid, contaminating both the food and the body of the unlucky person it enters. Nonyl phenol is known to act as a synthetic oestrogen.  Triple dose!

We have an abundance of food full of ’empty’ calories and toxic substances that are reducing our health potential to a significant and life-threatening degree.

We can do much to ameliorate the problems that we face by learning basic nutritional facts, making the right food choices, learning to interpret food labels, exercising, drinking fresh water and supplying the body with the nutrients it craves.

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