About BioBees® Fresh Royal Jelly
BioBees® Fresh Royal Jelly is full of proteins, amino acids, B – vitamins, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin E, biotin, folic acid, inositol, essential fatty acids & minerals. Royal Jelly can be considered a complete food with substantial life-enhancing benefits such as: immunity, rapid energy, vitality, youthfulness, increased sexual performance & longevity.

Two substances found in Royal Jelly are believed to contribute to its antibiotic properties: These are gamma globulin and 10-hydroxydecanoic acid (l0-HDA). When combined as they are in our Bioceuticals BioBees® Fresh Royal Jelly vials, they make an effective infection-fighting, immune-stimulating duo.

Royal Egyptians used it to beautify the skin & they believed it prolonged health & life, produced instant energy & enhanced both male & female libido.