Healthy Skin for Skin Survival during summer

Healthy Skin for Skin Survival during summer

Healthy Skin for Skin Survival during summer

Sunshine creates a sense of confidence within us. Complexions become more radiant naturally and many women choose to alter their make-up regime as they feel less is more. Summer sun definitely boosts skin positivity and as summer approaches, now is a great time to start prepping skin.

How to Prep Skin for Healthy Skin this summer

Skin needs protection. Protection from overexposure to sun, UV rays and other external stressors such as pollution. The best protection from sun damage is sun protection (preferably SPF30 or over). Protection from UV rays and external stressors also require antioxidants.

Antioxidants are molecules essential for skin care as they help prevent skin cell damage caused by free radicals. They stop a chain reaction which can lead to damage of vital molecules in the skin. Once a free radical is formed a destructive chain reaction could start. Free radicals cause dryness and increases fine lines and wrinkles on the epidermis. The damage to cellular components is dangerous, and in order to prevent this from occurring, the body uses antioxidants.

BioBees and Antioxidants for Healthy SkinA

ntioxidants are generally found in vitamins A, C & E as well as minerals zinc, selenium & copper and are the skin’s best natural defence from free radical cell damage. Our Fresh Royal Jelly and Fresh Royal Jelly Capsules, Biobee’s Skin Repair & Renewal Crème and Biobee’s Skin Repair & Renew Formula all contain high amounts of these vitamins and minerals for overall health and to help promote skin health.

How do Antioxidants Work on Skin?

Antioxidants work to promote cell renewal and regeneration helping to reveal a healthy, youthful-looking complexion.

  • Vitamin C aids the growth of cells and blood vessels and contributes to the strength and firmness of the skin.
  • Vitamin A which is considered to have similar properties as Retinol, promoting skin cell renewal and enhancing collagen production.
  • Vitamin E may help slow the ageing process of cells.

The Importance of Healthy Skin

Skin needs to be healthy in order survive the summer sun. If not, skin can be subjected to sun damage which can result in sun spots, wrinkles and sun burn to name a few, Therefore, alongside sun protection, antioxidants need to be included in skin care prepping to offer a certain level of skin cell protection.

Our complexions do indeed appear more radiant in summer. There is no room for dry, dehydrated skin, just healthy looking, youthful skin achieved with minimal effort, and Biobees can promote skin health effectively in time for the summer sun.

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