Cheese Comes From Vegetables!

Cheese Comes From Vegetables!

The joy of living within a healthy body has no equal. We can maintain vibrant health into our sixties, seventies, eighties and beyond – no question! For those who already suffer from chronic or terminal disease, much can be done, at the very least, to ameliorate the consequences of their condition.

Health or the lack of it is not just a matter of food, water, and air, (nutrition). It also encompasses physical, spiritual and mental-health, and the subdivisions thereof. Nutritional factors however, are at the forefront of running these systems of life. Although all of the above elements are interdependent, food, glorious health giving, nutrient-rich food, its correct digestion and proper absorption are number one on the list.  Foods, water and oxygen build the body that breathes’ moves, feels, thinks and reasons.

On a bio-electrical or subtle energetic level (which underpins a healthy body) we are merely a receiver and transducer of energy. As an analogy – our body can be likened to a radio, which if tuned (nourished) correctly will emanate a clear signal (vibrant health). When incorrectly tuned (malnourished), the signal will constantly drift and fade (ill health), possibly disappearing altogether (premature death).  The correct nutrient rich foods in the right ratio correctly digested and absorbed, together with pure water and clean air, are the tuning mechanisms that allow us to improve the clarity and strength of the signal. Only when we are’ optimally-tuned’ can we develop, utilize and express all the aspects of our ‘humanness’ to the full.

Over many years of clinical practice it has become apparent to me that people on a standard western diet are suffering diseases of every conceivable type, at an increasingly younger age. It is not uncommon for me to see children as young as two plus years, with multiple allergies, toxic bowels, Candida (thrush), poor digestion and absorption, hyperactivity, learning disorders, autism, attention deficit disorder, obesity, bacterial infections, heavy metal toxicity etc. In other words they are chronically unwell at a tender age.  This is truly a frightening scenario for their future well being and the future well being of the human race.  Weak adults produce weak offspring in the main. This leads to a downhill spiral of constant ill-health, serious disease and premature death.

Information about the nutritional influences of food ingestion should be mandatory within all school curriculums at first full-time education. I would love to see the never-ending cooking programs that abound discuss the nutrient value of the food being prepared rather than the focus being just on the food itself and the cooking methods thereof.  Just recently (June 2013), I read of a survey of school-children which asked “where does cheese come from”?  The majority answer “from vegetables”! Kids know more about iPhone’s than that which sustains their lives’.. this is our failing.  We must educate with all possible haste if we are to stop this onslaught of disease afflicting every strata of society.

Couples considering pregnancy would be well advised to embark on a healthy organic based eating plan together with nutrient supplementation if necessary. This should be instigated for some months prior to endeavoring to conceive.  After conception, this program should be continued throughout pregnancy to give the child the very best chance of a healthy life. It goes without saying, but I will say it anyway, the enormous need for nutritive elements that a developing baby needs, can only come via the mother.

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