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  • Biobees Royal Jelly – Not Just for the Queen Bee

    Royal JellyRoyal Jelly is a powerful milky fluid made of digested pollen and honey nectar that is mixed with a chemical secreted from a gland in a nurser bee’s head. Royal Jelly is the only difference between a queen bee and an ordinary worker bee. Queen bees live their entire life with Royal Jelly as their only source of nutrition, whilst worker bees are fed Royal Jelly for only the first three days of their life. This makes the queen bee 40-60% larger than a worker bee and live 40% longer than the worker bee. The nutrients found in Royal Jelly are also necessary for and beneficial for the human body.

    What Nutrients Exist Within Royal Jelly?

    Royal Jelly Composition is perhaps the most complex, highly concentrated and nutritious food produced by animal, insect or plant. It contains proteins, Vitamins A, C, D, E and the essential B-complex Vitamins, including a high concentration of Pantothenic acid, which is believed to bolster the strength of the adrenal glands and to help reduce stress, (Vitamin B5) and Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine), and is the only natural source of acetylcholine (an essential ingredient for the correct transmission of nerve impulses). It contains biotin, folic acid, inositol, essential fatty acids & minerals, and all of the amino acids essential for life and more.

    These nutrients are essential for life & optimum health. This is why Royal Jelly is considered to be a complete food with substantial life-enhancing benefits.

    What Health Benefits Comes From Consuming Royal Jelly Daily?

    Royal Jelly is taken extensively to promote energy and health and is considered by many to be a potent antioxidant. Produced in the beehive for the nourishment of the queen bee, it is a complex substance that cannot be recreated synthetically by man. Many believe its high amino acid content may be the reason it such a special and rejuvenating substance. Other health benefits include:

    • May have anti-depressive anti-anxiety effect
    • May facilitate fertility and can reverse impotence
    • May promote sexual vitality and rejuvenation
    • May regulate and balance hormones
    • May be useful in treatment of arthritis
    • May help to protect against viruses and influenza
    • May boost energy and stamina
    • May enhance mood and reduce stress
    • May promote healthier skin, hair and nails


    Given our lifestyles, it is extremely difficult to get even a portion of the nutrients that the body requires on a daily basis.  Biobees Royal Jelly provides substantial amounts of these nutrients in a simple and easy to take form so you can reap all the health benefits it provides.

  • The best diet for colon cleansing

    Your colon may require a cleanse, if you experience bladder infections, constipation, bad breath, abdominal cramps, body odour, vaginal yeast infection  or  finger or toe nail fungus.

    Some people say disease starts in the colon.  In reality, the colon is the third most common place for cancer.  The colon, also known as large intestine, acts as a waste management system and the fuelling station of our body.  An unhealthy and clogged colon enables the toxins to enter and stay into the blood stream and liver, affecting and polluting the entire body system.

    colon diets

    Water is squeezed out and absorbed from food remnants, yielding a mixture of bacteria, non digestible fibre, bile acids, that have been accumulated off the wall of intestine.  In case the bowel transit time is less, the fungi   and bacteria grow rapidly and the toxins are re- absorbed.  A colon that eliminates the waste within 7 to 18 hrs after each meal is considered as a healthy colon which means having 2 to 3 bowel movements in a day.

    Eating the right food can clean your colon.  The best diet for colon cleansing and a good health is mentioned below:

    1. FIBRE:  To have a healthy digestive system, a high fibre diet is beneficial as it sweeps the debris from your colon like a broom.  A diet rich in fibre consists of vegetables, beans, nuts, fruits, whole grain and seeds.  Fibre detains moisture in your colon resulting in softening the stool.  Fibre also stimulates peristalsis i.e. wave-like contraction of bowel which decreases the bowel movement time.  It is important to have both soluble and insoluble fibres in our diet for colon cleansing.  Soluble fibres are the fibres that dissolve in water whereas insoluble fibres do not dissolve in water.  Soluble fibre increases the bacteria that are beneficial and produce natural antibiotics which help in eliminating the harmful bacteria like E-coli, Salmonella and Campylobacter.  Insoluble fibre helps in preventing constipation and improving elimination.

    Oats and Flax Seeds are the foods that are both soluble and insoluble fibre.  Other foods that are rich in soluble fibre are Rice, Barley, Pease, Beans, Apple and citrus fruits.  Foods that are rich in insoluble fibre are Rye, Barley, Cabbage, Carrots, Turnips, Wheat, Apple and Cauliflower.

    1. Green Foods:  The high amount of chlorophyll contents present in green food like wheatgrass, Spirulina, Alfalfa, blue-green algae makes the highly suitable for colon cleansing.  Chlorophyll heals damaged tissues in the digestive system.  It also protracts out toxins and assists in obtaining more oxygen.  This is why chlorophyll is also known as “Internal Deodrant”.
    2. Fermented Foods:  A diet rich in carbohydrates and low in fibres decreases the friendly bacteria present in intestine and upsetting the balance of intestinal system.  The fermented foods like; yogurt, miso, kefir and sauerkraup replenish the friendly bacteria.  The friendly bacteria’s degrades the toxins, synthesis vitamins from food and prevent expansion of disease causing micro organisms.

    In Essence:

    • Eat food rich in fibre that sweeps debris from colon.
    • Eat green food rich in chlorophyll as it cleanses the digestive system.
    • Eat fermented food which replenishes the friendly bacteria and results in healthy colon.
    • Drink lots of water.


    Conclusion:  A healthy and a rich fibre diet can help you in cleansing your colon in an effective way and have a healthy body reducing the risk of cancer diabetes and other diseases.

    Author Bio: I am Emma Alice, Here I want to share The Best Diet for Colon Cleansing and how it is important for a healthy body.

  • The Importance of Sleep

    importance of sleep

    These days, it seems that we are always in a hurry. Running here, going there, it can seem daunting on a day to day basis to merely keep up. The reason why I am elucidating on this topic is the fact that usually when people are too busy, they are lacking in sleep big time. Yes, there are those people that mange to do a million things in one day and still sleep 8 hours a night, but the reverse in usually true.

    It is said that the majority of adults don't get enough sleep on a nightly basis. And, of the people that do manage to get a full 8 hours of sleep, most are not getting adequate "deep sleep" also known as REM. In order for sleep to do its job, REM needs to be enacted, and for many, they just do not reach REM sleep most of the time. It has been shown that any lack of sleep can contribute to a wide range of health problems and ailments such as dull and dry skin, poor circulation, weight gain, mental health problems, joint pain, and much, much more.

    The healthier that anyone wants to be, the more that they should sleep. And, these days, we are just not getting enough. While this can be frustrating to most, the reality is that there are a few techniques for even the busiest person to get adequate sleep. The first tip is to go to sleep at the same time every night. That means no late nights or pushing your sleep time another hour. It is also important that people not consume caffeine within 4 hours of their sleep time. Now, here is where it gets interesting.

    REM sleep is the deep sleep necessary for people to have and the reason many don't reach it is because they sleep in a room that is either noisy, too bright, or both. In order for an REM state to be reached, you must sleep in a silent room that is extremely dark with no light. Once you learn how to reach the correct sleeping state, the rest should be easy to attain. Just make sure to have patience with your body and focus on getting those vital 8 hours of sleep each and every night for ultimate health and vitality!

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  • Healthy Gut – Healthy You

    healthy gutIf someone told you that they knew of a substance that helped protect against breast cancer, diabetes, heart disease, blood clots, diverticulitis, high cholesterol, constipation, gallstones, colon cancer, varicose veins, piles, obesity, oestrogen overload and toxic bowel, would you go out and buy it? Of course you would!

    That substance is fibre.

    Fibre is the plant skeleton and is mainly indigestible in the human body. In nature it is found in wholegrains, vegetables, fruit, seeds, and nuts, etc. The refining of whole grains and other foods removesmost of its fibre content, as in white bread. Our consumption of fresh fruit, vegetables, whole grains, etc, in Great Britain is desperately short of even the minimum fibre intake.

    In Third World rural communities, around 60 -120 grams of fibre is consumed daily; by contrast awestern style diet is doing well if it can provide 20 grams! To increase intake by five or six times may seem like a huge task, but it is relatively easy. If you substitute brown bread for white, brown rice for white, etc, eat six or more pieces of fresh fruit daily, have a whole grain meal such as organic oats for breakfast, and fresh vegetables with other meals, you will have gone a long way toward solving the problem.

    Average faecal transit time for Third World communities is one to two days; for healthy U.K. adults three to four days, and for many less healthy it can be two weeks! These extended transit times can lead to a toxic bowel, which in turn, can lead to serious health problems. Forty-seven per cent of the considerable numbers (over 800) of people that I have tested for a toxic bowel have this condition.

    For every day we do not have a bowel movement equates to three meals backed up in our intestines!  We become immersed in our own effluent. The correct daily intake of fibre will not only guard against this serious condition, but also help to alleviate it.  Research has shown the multitude of toxins that can leach into the blood from a toxic bowel.  Some of these are octopamine*,sepsin, skarol, indican, putrescin and cadaverin.

     *Octopamine. I show octopamine as an example of a toxic substances capability. Bacterial activity from a putrefying gut, instead of liberating phenylalanine a precursor of catecholamine neurotransmitters, it (phenylalanine) is converted into phenylethylamine (PEA). This is absorbed by the gut wall and when it reaches the brain it is converted into the pseudo-neurotransmitter octopamine, replacing the active neurotransmitter noradrenaline.

    And the effects of this can be:  behavioural changes, memory impairment, thinking processes impairment (foggy brain), severe emotional problems, anxiety, depression and possibly schizophrenia.

    Past and recent scientific evidence suggests that 'bad' bacteria produced by bowel toxins can create an increase in the bacterial enzyme beta-glucuronidase that can reactivate 'dead' oestrogens, which are reabsorbed into the blood. Any elevation of oestrogen beyond the normal can have serious consequences for both males and females. For instance, seventy-five percent of breast cancers are oestrogen dependent, i.e. they are stimulated by oestrogen. Fibre passing through the colon helps to absorb and carry away these 'dead' oestrogens.

    On a high fibre diet, mainly 'good', bacteria such as Acidophilus, reside in the intestines, which displaces the 'bad' bacteria.

    Christopher Pick ND.

  • Alzheimer’s Disease

     alzheimer deseaseI have always been fascinated by the nature of reality. Our lives' seemingly exist between two non-existent states, the past and the future. Our awareness of self and our ability to function at little more than a basic level is dependent on memory.

    Some years ago I watched a documentary about a middle-aged man who could only remember the previous few seconds of his life. Each moment was for him a rebirth,  as it were. He would be introduced to his wife for instance, and five seconds later he would ask her who she was. He had some deeper awareness of his tragic circumstances and the living hell he had to endure. It was pitiful to watch.

    We give little consideration to the fact that a normal life is so dependent on a seemingly intangible faculty - the ability to remember.

    From birth to aged 18 years I grew up within the grounds of an NHS mental institution. My parents both worked in this environment and had a property within close proximity of the main hospital buildings.  From the age of around 10 years I often accompanied my father on his daily and sometimes nightly rounds.  For years I witnessed the poor souls who suffered from mental illness such as Alzheimer’s. Words fail to describe the suffering it caused to the afflicted and their families.

    Alzheimer's disease is characterised by a loss of memory, lack of concentration, dementia and general mental deterioration. Physical functions such as bowel and bladder control are lost in many instances and general health declines severely. The end result is mental and physical incapacitation. Alzheimer's disease is the most common form of dementia, accounting for 50%-60% of all cases.

    A lack of vital nutrients, particularly those that are required for brain function, general toxicity and specific toxicity by inorganic heavy metals such as mercury and aluminium are implicated in the onset and progression of this horrendous disease. Alzheimer's sufferers are known to have a lack of the antioxidant vitamins A, E and beta-carotene. They also show low levels of vitamin B12, choline and zinc.

    Autopsies on persons who had Alzheimer’s and later died have shown aluminium levels in the brain to be up to four times higher than 'normal' levels. This toxic metal was and is still used to make cooking utensils. Quite high levels of it leech into the food being cooked - on a regular basis. (If you own aluminium cookware please get rid of it). Other sources of inorganic aluminium in varying forms are in deodorants, buffered aspirin, shampoos, antacids, baking powder, cake mixes, processed cheese and even some health supplements.

    It is well worth having one of the various tests that are available to determine your levels of any heavy metals that may be lurking in your body. If they are high, intensive detoxification work will be needed to rid the body of them.

    Selenium methionine and free form amino acids, dietary fibre, MSM sulphur and DSMA all are effective in helping the body excrete heavy metals.  Do not attempt to undergo detoxification unless you are doing so under the care of a health professional. The correct nutrients have to be in the body prior to the liberation of heavy metals, this is to ensure they are correctly excreted. If they are liberated from storage without this protocol in place they can do further damage.

    As in many of my blogs, I constantly stress the need for a healthy diet and balanced lifestyle, here it is no different. The body cannot run and repair itself with fast food which is devoid of nutrients.  Pure water (bottled or filtered – not tap) is of vital importance to health, after all we can only live for around 10 days without it.  It is the second most important substance that fuels life, preceded only by oxygen, healthy organic food is number 3.

    We are in a position today where we have to take responsibility for our own health and practice preventive healthcare.  It is of little use if we wait until we have a serious disease – prevention must be our mantra. It takes time money and effort to practice this, but the benefits are worth untold riches.

    Christopher Pick ND.

  • The Importance Of Acid - Alkaline Balance

    alkalinepH (potential  (for) hydrogen)  is the measure of acidity and alkalinity. pH 7 is neutral, above this figure is an alkaline measure, below it, is an acid measure. Our blood must be kept at a pH between 7.3 and 7.45 approx. Deviation from this range either way for a prolonged period results in serious illness termed acidosis (low pH) or alkalosis (high pH).

    Most people on a standard western type diet are in a constant state of over-acidity, this allows the opportunity for disease of all types to gain a foothold in the body which in itself creates even more acidity. All drugs, recreational or prescriptive, poor food and drink choices, stress, negative thinking , anxiety, sleep deprivation, hard exercise* etc, all create acidity. The book cited below has the title Alkalise or Die – this is not overstating the problems caused by prolonged over acidity!

    Foods that have been metabolised by the body leave either an acid or alkaline residue called ash. Broadly, protein and refined sugars are acid ash forming, while all other foods are alkaline ash forming. The majority of people on a standard western diet consume 80% acid forming foods and 20% alkaline forming. The ratio should be the reverse. Due to this fact, excess life threatening acidity builds up in the body.

    There are several internal mechanisms for dealing with this excess acid, these are called buffers. The buffering systems use the acid binding minerals, calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium, manganese and sodium to try and neutralise or alkalise this acidity. These minerals, which are also needed for many other vital functions (such as calcium to help to regulate bone density) are consequently, seriously depleted when the body is continually in an over-acid state, leading to other significant problems.

    If your urine has a strong smell, particularly in the morning, you can reasonably assume that you have an over-acid system created in the long or short term. The smell is usually one of ammonium. It appears that the body gears up production of this highly alkaline substance in a last effort to control the acidity.

    Lemon, limes and other citrus fruits, although very acidic in themselves are alkaline forming once they have been metabolised in the body. Drinking the juice of half a fresh lemon added to warm water, twice a day for one to two weeks, will help the body return to the correct acid - alkaline balance, but thereafter the correct ratios of food should be eaten.

    To maintain the correct acid - alkaline balance eat 80% of your diet from alkaline forming foods. The remaining twenty per-cent of your diet should be acid forming foods. If you find this difficult, continue with the lemon juice & water regime.

    *Hard exercise: I suggest that you take a litre of fresh bottled or filtered water (not tap water) to the gym that has the juice of a fresh lemon added to it. Drinking this will help to offset the acidity created during your workout.

    You can buy pH strips for testing urine very cheaply from a chemist or on eBay. Follow the pH guidance for urine pH in the instructions.

    For a comprehensive list of alkaline and acid forming foods go here:

    Further reading: Alkalise or Die - Dr Theodore A. Baroody, Jr. Eclectic Press. U.S.A.

    Christopher Pick ND.

  • Why Didn’t Someone Tell Me About Selenium?

    pQ85Dk_220x147The latest figures for prostate cancer deaths (2010) show that in the U.K. 10,700 men died from this disease.

    Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men in the UK.  A quarter of all the new cases of cancer that are diagnosed in men in the UK consist of prostate cancer.  In 2010 in the UK around 41,000 men were diagnosed with it, which is in excess of 112 daily.  Over the last 40 years prostate cancer rates in Great Britain have tripled.

    Prostate cancer mortality is strongly related to age with the highest mortality rates being in older men. In the UK between 2008 and 2010, an average of 93% of prostate cancer deaths were in men aged 65 years and over, and more than half (54%) were in the 80’s and over). Age-specific mortality rates increase sharply from the age of 60, reaching a peak at age 85+. Source

    Prostate cancer kills an estimated 35,000 men (one in six) in the United States each year and attacks another 165,000.

    Selenoproteins (selenium) are important constituents of a number of enzymes with a range of functions including antioxidant function, thyroid hormone metabolism, male fertility and immune mechanisms. A decline in blood selenium levels in the UK and other European countries has raised concern about possible public health implications, particularly in relation to cancer and cardiovascular disease. Source

    Selenium is a mineral that has dramatically declined in our diet over the last 70 years, mainly due to mineral-deficient soils.  If minerals are not in the soil they are not in us. It has been shown in a study* (with supplementation) to reduce overall death by 21%.  It cut the numbers of people dying from cancer by a massive 52% and cut the figures for those contracting cancer by an equally massive 42%!

    *This study (above) was conducted over ten years (1983 – 1993) on 1300 patients, by Dr Larry Clark, of the Department of Preventative Medicine at Cornell University in New York.  Clark also found that prostate cancer was reduced by 69%, cancer of the rectum by 64% and death from lung cancer by 49%.

    Shouldn’t you be taking selenium? But disturbingly, nobody has imparted this vital information to you – until now!

    Most cases of prostate cancer do not occur until after men turn 50, but in recent years there has been a steady rise in the percentage of men in their 20’s 30s and 40s with both prostate problems and prostate cancer, primarily as a result of poor diet and therefore poor nutrient availability.

    One of my ‘bibles’ is a rare book written by Professor Andre Voisin and published in 1959 entitled ‘Soil Grass And Cancer’. It is a tour de force of research.  On page 263 he states that “ Medical scientists are engaged in investigation without giving thought for one moment to the fact that food is produced by a powerful machine, widely distributed throughout the world and known as : the soil”.

    Further, he states “Dieticians can prescribe all the diets they like. The results will be unpredictable until such time as the soils that produced the constituents of the diets are taken into account.  Dietetics will progress and ‘protective’ medicine will be effective only when it is remembered that the soil makes both food and the man”.

    Is anybody listening?

    Christopher Pick. ND.

  • Third World…

    third worldI am sure that you would believe that in the third world mothers, through no fault of their own, are making their children sick - bringing them into the world as sick babies and nourishing them so poorly that they grow up predisposed to developing just about any type of illness or disease.

    If these children go on to successfully reproduce, they bring even more sickly babies into the world; these grow up as even sicklier adults. This downward cycle has been repeating since the late 1950’s (in the U.K.) and if it is allowed to progress any further, human DNA will become so damaged that in a few more generations we can see that perhaps only about 10% of babies will be born with any degree of genetic strength and therefore optimum health potential. The remaining 90% may well fall prey to opportunistic infection, disease and ultimately a premature and often painful death.

    Oh well, that’s the problem of the third world countries! Is it? Well, yes it is. Unfortunately it is also our problem, because we, (in a non-third World country), and our children are in a possibly worse position than they are.

    I must emphasize that I am not laying any blame whatsoever with mothers, for this tragic and unnecessary situation. The problem belongs to us all and it will take all of us, collectively, to resolve it.

    On one particular small group, I have the test results that I undertook on both males and females with severe problems. The tests were performed on stool, urine and hair samples by certified laboratories.
    Each of the individuals tested showed the following:

    • Parasites such as blastocystis hominis, giardia, cryptosporidium and entamoeba coli cysts. (1 or more in each individual).
    • Bacterial infections such as klebsiella pneumoniae and citrobactor freundii. (1 or more in each individual).
    • Fungal infections such as candida albicans. (Most)
    • Heavy metal toxicity such as lead, aluminium, mercury, etc. (1 or more in each individual).
    • Toxic bowel. (Some).
    • Occult blood. (Some).
    • Nutritional imbalances many and severe. (All).
    • Severe gut dysbiosis. (All).
    • Disturbed digestion and metabolism. (All).
    • Allergies. (All).
    • Hormonal imbalances. (Most).

    Basically, these individuals were extremely sick – a time bomb waiting to blow up with the next problem.

    So, you may say, ‘Well what can you expect’? A lifetime of poor eating habits, too much alcohol, a stressful job, too little exercise, too much partying, old age, etc’. You may well have a point under other circumstances.

    Why other circumstances? Because, the individuals who undertook the tests were aged between 4 and 9 years and were suffering from autism. While these may be extreme examples, children without autistic-type behavioral problems suffer many and varied health problems due to the similar nutritional deficiencies of those exhibited by adults.

    And just in case my data is not shocking enough, in her book, ‘Let’s get Well’, Adelle Davis states that autopsy studies in the U.S.A. have shown many signs of atherosclerosis (disease of the arteries from fatty plaques) and scarring in babies. By the age of ten years half the children have coronary arterial lesions and one hundred per cent of them have mild atherosclerosis by the time they reach fifteen years old. Her research was carried out in the 1960’s and the situation, without doubt, will be worse today.

    If this is the sort of start we have given our children, what can the future hold from a health perspective? It doesn’t take much thought to work out! Recently, medical science has made some incredible breakthroughs in many facets of interventive medicine. The possibility of us all growing spare body parts moves nearer to reality. All I can only say is, please hurry up, we have so little time left.

    We are not made-up of dozens of non-connected bits and pieces. On the contrary, a malfunction in any organ or system will affect all of the body, in some way. This includes our spiritual, mental, and emotional states.

    Basically, we need to:-

    • keep the body 'clean' internally
    • supply it with the correct foods in the right quantities and ratios
    • provide it with necessary supplements (nutrients) if required
    • breathe fresh clean air
    • get adequate sleep
    • maintain a positive attitude in all aspects of our lives

    Within each one of us resides an innate and incredibly powerful, healing and life-sustaining force. This 'system' must be fuelled by around 90 to 100 nutrients on a daily basis to enable it to perform at its maximum potential. Individual and collective human consciousness appears to have forgotten that we eat to live; we do not live to eat.

    Most people refuse to make and acknowledge any connection between the food they ingest, their lifestyle and their health. They can do that because the effects are both cumulative and insidious.

    Note: Whilst working in India in 2008, I was party to some disturbing statistics. It was found that those living below the poverty line (30%) in rural areas had far less life-threatening diseases such as cancer than those living in affluent urban areas! This speaks volumes.

    Christopher Pick ND

  • Infertility – What Has Gone Wrong?

    infirtilityIt has been traditionally thought that infertility is, in most case, normally a female problem. Over the last 40 years to 2013 it has become a male problem every bit as much, if not more so, than a female one. The problem is of course, one of life-style influences, dietary and environmental influences. I am assuming here that no ‘structural’ bodily problems exist in either party.

    In 1996 a Horizon documentary 'Assault On The Male', shown by the BBC, highlighted the problems (obviously, most of these men would be on a standard Western diet). Below, in italics, are some of the statistics (in 1996 – from the program) regarding their fertility:-

    Forty-year old plus males generally have a higher sperm count than twenty year olds.

    A substantial fall in overall sperm counts over the last fifty years. In 1950 there was an average of 100 million sperm per millilitre of ejaculate, in the 1970's, it was down to 75 million per millilitre and has continued to fall at the rate of two per cent per year since then.

    If that fall has continued to the present day and I have no reason to think it has not, then the ejaculate in 2013 will contain around 36 million sperm per millilitre of ejaculate – a total fall of nearly two thirds since the 1950’s.  Below around 20 million per ejaculate is considered as infertility.

    Up to fifty per cent of sperm are deformed. It is common to find sperm with no tail, two tails, no head, two heads, very little motility (movement) etc.

    The volume of semen has declined by fifty per cent in the same period.

    Testicular cancer rates trebled in Britain and the USA in the last thirty years (to 1996) and become the most common cause of cancer in young men.

    The incidences of undescended testes have also trebled in the last thirty years (to 1996)

    An increasing number of babies (and animal offspring) are being born with mixed sexual characteristics.

    This excellent program went into detail about the reproductive problems caused by certain chemicals acting as synthetic oestrogens. The chemicals mentioned are, nonyl phenol, DDT, DDE, kelthane, Heptachlor, kepone, methoxychlor, toxaphane, endosulfan, dieldrin, phenyl phenol, BHA, DES, PCBs, Bisphenol A, and Butyl benzyl phthalate.

    Further, it was stated that “the fact that changes in diet in the last fifty years, such as the increased intake of fat (saturated) and protein and the decrease in grain consumption has changed the balance of the gut environment, allowing oestrogens’ to be re-absorbed”.

    Products and foods that are contaminated by these chemicals/synthetic oestrogens’, include dental resins and sealants, food wrapping, aluminum wrapping, bleach, bleached toilet paper, bleached coffee filters, bleached or dioxan treated tampons, kitchen roll, (non- bleached alternatives can be purchased for most of these products), pesticides and herbicides, chocolates, crisps, pies, cheeses and most dairy foods.  According to the then  Ministry of Agriculture Fisheries & Food (now renamed as The Food Standards Agency),

    high levels of synthetic oestrogens’ are found in some foods.

    Dr Richard Sharpe of the MRC Reproductive Biology Unit in Edinburgh, who featured throughout the program stated, with reference to the problem that "dietary changes look to be very important".  This statement, in my view, is a massive understatement.  However, Dr Sharpe will have had to be careful with his pronouncements.

    This toxic assault on the male reproductive system will be mirrored in the female and vice versa.  It is not surprising therefore, that for many couples, conceiving a baby, will be almost impossible under these circumstances.   Hence the escalating rise in the call for IVF treatment.

    Couples wishing to maximise their chances of conceiving are urged to seek professional nutritional advice to improve their diet & lifestyle, detoxify and if required, take nutritional supplementation before resorting to IVF.

    I had a client, a male bodybuilder of 30, eating a standard Western diet and taking substantial amounts of steroids. His wife had been unable to conceive for two years. He was found to have a sperm-count of zero in his ejaculate!  After six months of interventive dietary and supplement treatment, his count rose to 50% of normal and after a further six months his wife conceived.


    The production and storage of sperm within the scrotum is maximally dependent on a lower than normal body temperature.  This is controlled by the muscles in the scrotum that contract to bring the testes closer to the body (warmer) or relax to take them further away (colder). Wearing tight underwear keeps the testes close to the body, and therefore too warm.  This has been found to negatively affect sperm counts.

    Scientists at the Jessop Hospital for Women in Sheffield, England, have shown that supplementation with vitamin E can significantly improve the sperm function of sub-fertile males.

    You can watch the documentary on Youtube: Go here:

    There is fascinating and shocking video of healthy & malformed sperm in this production.

    Note: Youtube and other websites state that the documentary was produced in 1993 – this is incorrect as it may be seen on the film credits that it is was produced in 1996.


    Further reading: The Feminisation of Nature - Deborah Cadbury.  Published by Hamish Hamilton.  A 'must' read.

    Christopher Pick ND.

  • Cheese Comes From Vegetables!

    vegetablesThe joy of living within a healthy body has no equal. We can maintain vibrant health into our sixties, seventies, eighties and beyond - no question! For those who already suffer from chronic or terminal disease, much can be done, at the very least, to ameliorate the consequences of their condition.

    Health or the lack of it is not just a matter of food, water, and air, (nutrition). It also encompasses physical, spiritual and mental-health, and the subdivisions thereof. Nutritional factors however, are at the forefront of running these systems of life. Although all of the above elements are interdependent, food, glorious health giving, nutrient-rich food, its correct digestion and proper absorption are number one on the list.  Foods, water and oxygen build the body that breathes’ moves, feels, thinks and reasons.

    On a bio-electrical or subtle energetic level (which underpins a healthy body) we are merely a receiver and transducer of energy. As an analogy - our body can be likened to a radio, which if tuned (nourished) correctly will emanate a clear signal (vibrant health). When incorrectly tuned (malnourished), the signal will constantly drift and fade (ill health), possibly disappearing altogether (premature death).  The correct nutrient rich foods in the right ratio correctly digested and absorbed, together with pure water and clean air, are the tuning mechanisms that allow us to improve the clarity and strength of the signal. Only when we are’ optimally-tuned’ can we develop, utilize and express all the aspects of our 'humanness' to the full.

    Over many years of clinical practice it has become apparent to me that people on a standard western diet are suffering diseases of every conceivable type, at an increasingly younger age. It is not uncommon for me to see children as young as two plus years, with multiple allergies, toxic bowels, Candida (thrush), poor digestion and absorption, hyperactivity, learning disorders, autism, attention deficit disorder, obesity, bacterial infections, heavy metal toxicity etc. In other words they are chronically unwell at a tender age.  This is truly a frightening scenario for their future well being and the future well being of the human race.  Weak adults produce weak offspring in the main. This leads to a downhill spiral of constant ill-health, serious disease and premature death.

    Information about the nutritional influences of food ingestion should be mandatory within all school curriculums at first full-time education. I would love to see the never-ending cooking programs that abound discuss the nutrient value of the food being prepared rather than the focus being just on the food itself and the cooking methods thereof.  Just recently (June 2013), I read of a survey of school-children which asked “where does cheese come from”?  The majority answer “from vegetables”! Kids know more about iPhone's than that which sustains their lives’… this is our failing.  We must educate with all possible haste if we are to stop this onslaught of disease afflicting every strata of society.

    Couples considering pregnancy would be well advised to embark on a healthy organic based eating plan together with nutrient supplementation if necessary. This should be instigated for some months prior to endeavoring to conceive.  After conception, this program should be continued throughout pregnancy to give the child the very best chance of a healthy life. It goes without saying, but I will say it anyway, the enormous need for nutritive elements that a developing baby needs, can only come via the mother.

    Christopher Pick ND.

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