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Loved By Royalty & Celebrities 

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Established 40 Years Ago

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Loved By Royalty & Celebrities

Since 1979 our British pharmacists discovered that many of their patients were experiencing skin conditions and feelings of poor wellbeing. Discovering how royal jelly had been used to promote health and vitality for centuries across the world, the pharmacists learned that this remarkable substance to be so effective that they actually have hospitals that only use Bee Products for treating patients.

The pharmacists employed the services of a cosmetic scientist to help develop a range of royal jelly natural health products. The products quickly gained a loyal following, particularly amongst royalty, film stars and wealthy Londoners.

Products from the range were secretly formulated for members of the British royal family and the products have been used by royal families across the world ever since.

Our products have a loyal following and have appeared in media across the globe. 

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"BioBee’s® premium range uses Fresh Royal Jelly,  If it’s good enough for the Egyptians, it’s good enough for us!"



Bodyfit ( July 2013 )



Celebrity Kim Tiddy says "In between meals, I’ll have BioBee’s® Fresh Royal Jelly Elixirs for an energy boost!"



Womens weekly 



Want to get over Jet Lag?



Running Fitness 



"Royal Jelly Elixir is a powerhouse of vitamins, minerals and amino acids, making it a great all-around tonic for all the family "



Natural Health  



"BioBee’s® Fresh Royal Jelly Elixir contains Korean ginseng and guarana for an instant hit of energy."



Body Language 



"Good quality Royal Jelly can be hard to find… For clinics looking for a proven format, BioBee’s® has a range of fresh products."




Bodyfit  ( April 2013 ) 



"This handy shot provides a quick way of firing up your energy levels before you hit the track."




Bella Magazine



"Madonna and Kate Hudson are said to be bee-lievers in the beauty benefits of Royal Jelly – and its certainty causing a buzz."