What Are the Benefits of Royal Jelly?

What Are the Benefits of Royal Jelly?

What Are the Benefits of Royal Jelly?

Royal Jelly is one of the most natural health and beauty supplements, used for thousands of years because of its rich amino acid content, and spectrum of vitamins and minerals. Ancient Egyptians believed royal jelly would ensure that the Pharaoh had a long and healthy life. Reports also suggest that Cleopatra used it to keep herself beautiful. BioBees Fresh Royal Jelly enhances and maintains good health whilst supporting anti-ageing.

Biobees Fresh Royal Jelly is rich in proteins, amino acids, B vitamins, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin E, biotin, folic acid, inositol, essential fatty acids & minerals.

These nutrients are essential for life & optimum health. In many respects Royal jelly can be considered to be a complete food with substantial life-enhancing benefits such as instant energy, vitality, youthfulness, increased sexual performance & longevity.

Why is it considered a ‘superfood’?

Royal jelly is perhaps the most potent, highly concentrated food available. A very important point is that the nutrients are absolutely natural.  The word ‘natural’ is much touted in supplement circles.  Many health supplements are synthetic, often called ‘nature identical’. They have the same molecular structure but they do not and cannot have the same efficacy. Therefore provides comprehensive bio-availability.  This means that the body can utilise the power- packed significant range of nutrients to their fullest extent.

Given our lifestyles, it is extremely difficult to get even a portion of the nutrients that the body requires on a daily basis.  Royal Jelly provides substantial amounts of these nutrients in a simple and easy to take preparation. BioBee’s® royal jelly helps to fulfil this requirement in a delicious super-food.

Each jar of fresh royal jelly is approved by the queen herself (the queen bee that is). Derived directly from nature, you can rest assured that this food supplement is 100% natural containing only 100% fresh royal jelly and providing 100% health benefits.

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