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Royal Green Coffee

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Coffee beans are naturally green, and turn brown once they are roasted. They are loaded with active compounds - among two of the most interesting are Caffeine and Chlorogenic Acid. The majority of the Chlorogenic Acid is removed when coffee is roasted, but remains present when we keep the beans in their unroasted, natural green state.

There have been a number of studies around the use of Green Coffee and Chlorogenic Acid. Three capsules provide on average 399mg of Green Coffee Bean Powder or which 79.80mg is Chlorogenic Acid (CGA).

Per 3 Capsules
Green Coffee Bean Powder 399mg
(containing 99.75mg Chlorogenic Acid CGA)



Green Coffee Bean Extract

Bulking Agent: Stone Ground Brown Rice Flour

Capsule Shell: Gelatine.

Take 1 capsule with water up to 3 times per day. It is recommended that weight management products are taken as part of a calorie controlled meal plan.

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