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BioBees® Royal Beauty Skin Cream

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Regenerate & Moisturising Creme

To augment our highly respected, best-selling Royal Jelly health supplements, we have been committed to producing a facial skincare product of the highest quality and effectiveness. The result of this protracted work is BioBee’s® Royal Beauty Skin Repair & Renew Crème.

Our specially formulated face cream is packed with ingredients which have been shown to improve the skin’s moisture, elasticity, and cell regeneration. Not only can this cream help repair your skin, it will also protect against oxidative stress, a common aging factor.

 Hydractin® has been shown to produce an improvement in skin moisture – up to 38% higher after 1 hour
 Sweet Almond Oil helps skin to balance absorption of moisture
 Contains over 20 ingredients to assist in achieving a long-lasting youthful appearance
 Hyaluronic Acid helps keep the skin hydrated and may help promote collagen production

BioBee’s have been committed to producing Royal Jelly products of the finest quality for over 40 years.

Products that are used on the skin should offer protection to it, moisturise and significantly assist the regeneration and repair process on a daily basis. This can only take place if the product contains the correct ingredients with the correct co-factors.

BioBees® Skin Repair & Renewal Creme

BioBees® Skin Repair & Renewal Creme provides exceptionally effective nutrients to repair, heal and beautify skin. Skin is the largest organ of the body. BioBees® Skin Repair & Renewal Creme is a unique facial product; containing Royal Jelly, Hyaluronic Acid, Evening Primrose Oil, Vitamin E, Aloe Vera, PABA, Hydractin® and Celligent® together with several other effective plant extracts and a fruit and a flower extract.


• Promotes smooth, soft radiant skin
• Helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles
• Provides multiple effective nutrients for skin renewal and
• Hydractin® within is highly moisturising
• Celligent® within accelerates the regeneration of
UV-stressed skin.
• Biobees® Royal Jelly within the formula
contains a wide spectrum of beneficial
nutrients within itself

Relevant ingredient information:

Bioceuticals® Royal Jelly
 within BioBee’s Royal Beauty Skin Repair & Renew Crème is rich in amino acids, vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and enzymes which are the building blocks of life.  This restorative, luxury product contains a total of over twenty 20 ingredients to assist in achieving a long-lasting youthful appearance.

Hydractin® has been shown to produce an improvement in skin moisture in-vivo in a short-term study – up to 38% higher after 1 hour.  In a longer-term study of 28 days an improvement in skin moisture in-vivo was 14%.  

Celligent® clearly inhibits the formation of damage to DNA.  Active cell and DNA protection during solar irradiation – in-vitro test showed that it promoted rapid regeneration of damaged cells and DNA following UV-induced erythema (reddening of the skin due to inflammation). (In- vitro test).

Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil   is one of several plant-derived emollients that mimic the lipid content of the skin. This light oil helps to stabilise and maintain the structure of the skin's inter-cellular matrix. This helps to prevent the loss of moisture and protect against cellular damage.

Camelina Sativa Seed Oil contains over 50% polyunsaturated fats. It is especially high in the essential fatty acids linoleic acid and alpha-linolenic acid, both of which cannot be manufactured by the body.  It is nourishing and helps to heal and treat common skin conditions.

Glycerin  is a humectant and an emollient which helps to soften and soothe skin.

Glyceryl Stearate acts as a lubricant on the skin’s surface, which gives the skin a soft and smooth appearance. It also slows the loss of water from the skin by forming a barrier on the skin’s surface.

Cera Alba (Beeswax) soothes and protects the skin from dryness without inhibiting its ability to breathe. It also serves as an emulsifier.

Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis (Sweet Almond) Oil  is obtained from the dried kernels of the almond tree; it is an excellent emollient, softening and soothing to the skin. It also helps the skin to balance its loss and absorption of moisture.

Oenothera Biennis (Evening Primrose) Oil supports and improves the function of skin. It is recommended for dry and/or sensitive skin. A number of human trials found that EPO significantly improved the symptoms of atopic eczema, such as inflammation, itch, skin dryness, and scaliness. In Germany EPO capsules have been approved for helping with the treatment and symptomatic relief of atopic eczema. It can exhibit anti-inflammatory and emollient (moisturising) benefits.

Hyaluronic Acid plays a critical role in the production of collagen, the most abundant protein in the body. Collagen’s main function is to sustain tendons, skin and cartilage. It provides integrity, firmness and elasticity to their structures.  Maintaining body levels of hyaluronic acid is not only desirable for  keeping moisture levels balanced, but also to promote abundant collagen synthesis, thereby keeping fine lines and wrinkles at bay.

Punica Granatum Seed Oil has powerful antioxidant properties. It therefore has anti-aging, nutritive and nourishing properties. Native to Iran, Pomegranate (Punica granatum) has a rich history in the traditional medicines of Ayurveda and Unani.  It is a rich source of punicic and ellagic acids, which heal, protect and moisturise dry skin, helping to promote elasticity.

Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice Powder is soothing, helps to heal and moisturises the skin.

(Vitamin E).  Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant. It protects the skin from environmental pollution , helps to protect against UV radiation, is anti-inflammatory and helps to heal wounds.  It therefore helps to ward off premature ageing.  Vitamin E also helps to moisturise.

Para-Aminobenzoic Acid helps to block UV radiation.

Disodium Adenosine Triphosphate Found in all living beings. ATP is an energy collector and transformer which is involved in all energy consuming biological processes. It improves theskin’s energy level and its moisture content.

Carica Papaya Fruit Extract helps to remove flakes of dead skin. It Activates metabolic processes and the growth of new skin cells, thus skin acquires a more youthful appearance.

Algin (water store from sea algae)  forms a film of moisture on the surface of the skin. It exhibits water-retaining properties and therefore protects against the loss of moisture.

Ethyl Ferulate is a natural antioxidant with UV-absorbing properties. It neutralises oxygen radicals which have arisen as a result of UV radiation and thus protects the cell against oxidative damage.

Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary) Leaf Extract exhibits a high carnosolic acid content. When applied topically it support the skin’s defence against free radicals, especially in situations of increased free radical stress, for example when exposed to UV radiation.

Disodium Uridine Phosphate (UMP) from sugar-beetsupports the repair of DNA.

Rosa Centifolia Flower Oil stimulates while moisturising and hydrating. It helps to reduce skin redness and fight inflammation.


 Provides  significant anti-ageing benefits
 Helps to stimulate skin regeneration
 Protects nourishes and moisturises skin
 Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles 
 Helps with deep wrinkle reduction 
 Optimises skin water balance
 Lowers trans epidermal water loss
 Provides essential skin nutrients 
 Helps to protect against damaging free radicals
 Provides protection against UV rays
 Softens and smoothes the skin
 Strengthens the skin defence barrier

Caution: Store away from excessive heat & light & out of the reach and sight of children

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