bee propolis

Bee propolis (which is added to Bioceuticals BioBee’s® fresh royal jelly capsules is a sticky substance that bees make from the barks of trees and from their own salivary secretions. Propolis is used by the bees to repair damage to their hives and to seal them from invaders. It has a long history of medicinal use in Europe and is found naturally in honey.
Test tube studies have found propolis to be active against a variety of microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses, and protozoans.


1-10,47 These findings have been the basis for most propolis research in humans and animals.
The results of a small controlled study suggests that propolis cream might cause attacks of genital herpes to heal faster.


11 A preliminary controlled study found that propolis mouthwash following oral surgery significantly speeded healing time as compared to placebo.


12 Propolis extracts may also have value in treatment of severe periodontal disease , according to a study that evaluated the use of propolis extracts as part of an irrigation procedure performed twice weekly by dentists.


43 In a pilot study, people with recurrent canker sores were randomized to take 500 mg of propolis capsule or placebo once per day.


45 Those in the propolis group reported a decrease in the frequency of canker sore outbreaks, an outcome worthy of additional research according to the study authors.
In one study, rats given propolis in their drinking water developed fewer cavities than rats given regular water.


18 However, no human studies have been performed to see if we would also benefit.
Animal studies also suggest that topical propolis may be of benefit in healing wounds.


13,14,46 One group of researchers compared a propolis extract against the standard antiprotozoal drug tinidazole in 138 people infected with the parasite giardiasis .


15 The extract appeared to work about as well as the drug therapy.
One isolated study, published only in abstract form, tested bee propolis in women with mild endometriosis and infertility . Reportedly, researchers found that use of bee propolis at a dose of 500 mg twice daily resulted in a pregnancy rate of 60%, as compared to 20% in the placebo group, a difference that was statistically significant.


44 It is not clear why propolis should have this effect.



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