The Importance of Sleep

importance of sleep

These days, it seems that we are always in a hurry. Running here, going there, it can seem daunting on a day to day basis to merely keep up. The reason why I am elucidating on this topic is the fact that usually when people are too busy, they are lacking in sleep big time. Yes, there are those people that mange to do a million things in one day and still sleep 8 hours a night, but the reverse in usually true.

It is said that the majority of adults don't get enough sleep on a nightly basis. And, of the people that do manage to get a full 8 hours of sleep, most are not getting adequate "deep sleep" also known as REM. In order for sleep to do its job, REM needs to be enacted, and for many, they just do not reach REM sleep most of the time. It has been shown that any lack of sleep can contribute to a wide range of health problems and ailments such as dull and dry skin, poor circulation, weight gain, mental health problems, joint pain, and much, much more.

The healthier that anyone wants to be, the more that they should sleep. And, these days, we are just not getting enough. While this can be frustrating to most, the reality is that there are a few techniques for even the busiest person to get adequate sleep. The first tip is to go to sleep at the same time every night. That means no late nights or pushing your sleep time another hour. It is also important that people not consume caffeine within 4 hours of their sleep time. Now, here is where it gets interesting.

REM sleep is the deep sleep necessary for people to have and the reason many don't reach it is because they sleep in a room that is either noisy, too bright, or both. In order for an REM state to be reached, you must sleep in a silent room that is extremely dark with no light. Once you learn how to reach the correct sleeping state, the rest should be easy to attain. Just make sure to have patience with your body and focus on getting those vital 8 hours of sleep each and every night for ultimate health and vitality!

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