BioBee's® Fresh Royal Jelly Capsules

Our BioBee's® Fresh Royal Jelly capsules with propolis extract and bee pollen is rich in proteins, amino acids, B – vitamins, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin E, biotin, folic acid, inositol, essential fatty acids &minerals.

Studies have shown propolis may help fight bacteria, viruses, and micro-organisms
Bee pollen has 96 known nutrients, including vitamins such as zinc, iron, and calcium
May increase energy levels whilst decreasing the effects of a Stressful lifestyle
Derived from all-natural sources, no synthetic substances

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Product Description


These nutrients are essential for life & optimum health. In many respects Royal Jelly can be considered to be a complete food with substantial life-enhancing benefits such as instant energy, vitality, youthfulness, increased sexual performance & longevity.

About Royal Jelly

Bioceuticals BioBee's® is a well known brand that has been established for over twenty years and provides a range of health related, fresh and pure products. Royal Jelly is a milky substance produced by young worker bees in the hive over a period of two or three days which is then fed to the larvae that will become a Queen bee. Such is the potency of this substance that the Queen becomes forty to sixty percent larger than a worker bee and can live forty percent longer.

The queen eats nothing but this perfect food throughout her adult life. It can take up to 1,000 larvae to produce a single pound of rich Royal Jelly! After extraction, this super-food is immediately refrigerated or freeze-dried to prevent spoilage.

Royal Jelly is perhaps the most potent, highly concentrated food available. A very important point is that the nutrients are absolutely natural.  The word ‘natural’ is much touted in supplement circles. Many health supplements are synthetic, often called ‘nature identical’. They have the same molecular structure but they do not and cannot have the same efficacy by a huge margin. Therefore Royal Jelly provides comprehensive bio-availability. This means that the body can utilise the power- packed significant range of nutrients to their fullest extent.

Given our lifestyles, it is extremely difficult to get even a portion of the nutrients that the body requires on a daily basis. Royall Jelly provides substantial amounts of these nutrients in a simple and easy to take preparation. Ultimately we are what we eat and absorb. Junk in equals junk out!  It is very simple, the finer the foods we ingest the finer the body we can build.  Bioceuticals BioBee’s® Royal Jelly helps to fulfil this requirement in a delicious super-food.

Two substances found in Royal Jelly are believed to contribute to its antibiotic properties:  These are gamma globulin and 10-hydroxydecanoic acid (l0-HDA). When combined as they are in our BioBee’s® Fresh Royal Jelly capsules, they are potential infection-fighting, immune-stimulating duo.

10-hydroxydecanoic acid (l0-HDA)

10-HDA is a powerful, versatile fatty acid with many health benefits, found only in Royal Jelly. The higher the 10-HDA content of Royal Jelly the faster you will benefit from taking it. This chemical is so important that the more 10-HDA content in Fresh Royal Jelly, the higher the cost of supply. Our capsules contain 4.8% of 10-hydroxydecanoic acid ( l0-HDA) a substance that exhibits both anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties.

Gamma globulin

Gamma globulin is a class of protein found in blood plasma. There are different types of gamma globulins, but the most important are immunoglobulin’s also referred to as antibodies. Gamma globulins have proven, in some cases, to be an effective therapy in the treatment of hepatitis A infections, and also measles. Antibodies combine with bacteria and viruses to destroy them. They are an important part of the immune system.


Royalactin has only recently been discovered, it is a unique (as far as we know at this time) compound within Royal Jelly.

Masaki Kamakura of Toyama Prefectural University in Imizu, Japan, stored royal jelly at 40 °C for 30 days, feeding it to bee larvae at intervals. Its regal effect gradually weakened, suggesting the key ingredient was decaying. He then fed larvae deactivated jelly with each batch laced with a different compound that was subject to decay. Only one caused the larvae to turn into queens: a protein Kamakura calls Royalactin.

To understand how Royalactin works, Kamakura added it to the diet of fruit fly larvae. This made them grow larger and lay more eggs, as in bees. Kamakura found that Royalactin works by switching on the gene that codes for Egfr, a protein found throughout the animal kingdom. Egfr stands for epidermal growth factor receptor.

*This suggests a pre-existing mechanism was repurposed to produce the bee caste system, says Francis Ratnieks of the University of Sussex in Brighton, UK. When insects first formed eusocial  (of or pertaining to a form of animal society) colonies  queens and workers must have been physically identical, he says, and the distinct castes came later, created by Royalactin or something like it. *See Journal


Bee propolis (which is added to Bioceuticals BioBee’s® Fresh Royal Jelly capsules is a sticky substance that bees make from the barks of trees and from their own salivary secretions. Propolis is used by the bees to repair damage to their hives and to seal them from invaders. It has a long history of therapeutic use in Europe and is found naturally in honey.

Test tube studies have found propolis to be active against a variety of microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses, and protozoans. 1-10,47 These findings have been the basis for most propolis research in humans and animals.

The results of a small controlled study suggests that propolis cream might cause attacks of genital herpes to heal faster. 11

A preliminary controlled study found that propolis mouthwash following oral surgery significantly speeded healing time as compared to placebo. 12 Propolis extracts may also have value in treatment of severe periodontal disease , according to a study that evaluated the use of propolis extracts as part of an irrigation procedure performed twice weekly by dentists. 43

In a pilot study, people with recurrent canker sores were randomized to take 500 mg of propolis capsule or placebo once per day. 45 Those in the propolis group reported a decrease in the frequency of canker sore outbreaks, an outcome worthy of additional research according to the study authors.

In one study, rats given propolis in their drinking water developed fewer cavities than rats given regular water. 18 However, no human studies have been performed to see if we would also benefit.

Studies also suggest that topical propolis may be of benefit in healing wounds . 13,14,46

One group of researchers compared a propolis extract against the standard antiprotozoal drug tinidazole in 138 people infected with the parasite giardiasis . 15 The extract appeared to work about as well as the drug therapy.

One isolated study, published only in abstract form, tested bee propolis in women with mild endometriosis and infertility. Reportedly, researchers found that use of bee propolis at a dose of 500 mg twice daily resulted in a pregnancy rate of 60%, as compared to 20% in the placebo group, a difference that was statistically significant. 44 It is not clear why propolis should have this effect. -  See Source

Bee pollen

Bee pollen is flower pollen collected by honeybees from a large variety of plants. Bee pollens are packed with flavonoids, carotenoids, and phytosterols. They also contain rutin, beta-sitosterol  beta-carotene, lycopene, etc.

Several studies have confirmed the therapeutic benefit of bee pollen.  For instance, in a placebo-controlled, double-blind clinical trial of 60 men, researchers from the department of urology at the University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff, found pollen extract was an effective treatment for prostate enlargement and prostatitis.

*Researchers at the Ontario Agricultural College, Guelph, Department of National Health & Welfare, Ottawa, and the University of Toronto, conducted a study on mice of  Royal Jelly's inhibition of cellular disruption *See PDF

Royal Jelly has been shown to *inhibit pro-inflammatory cytokines. The less you have of these the less pain you will experience in a given condition. *See article

So, certainly we can see the science behind Royal Jelly which confirms what people have known & experienced over the years - that is has every right to be called a super-food that has incredible properties.

When you buy Bioceuticals BioBee’s® Fresh Royal Jelly capsules with Propolis Extract you will be provided with an effective premium product.



Brand Biobee's

Contains essential nutrients to help to fuel life & optimum health
Royal Jelly can be considered to be a complete food with substantial
Life-enhancing benefits
Provides instant energy
Improves vitality
Helps to maintain youthfulness
Helps with increased sexual performance
Helps to maintain longevity
Research has shown that is effective against microorganisms


Fresh Royal Jelly

Propolis Extract

Bee Pollen

Soya Lecithin

Wheatgerm Oil



Do not use this product if you are allergic to bee related products, are pregnant or breast feeding or are taking prescribed medication without first consulting your doctor.

Store in a cool dry place out of the reach and sight of children.


Great Product!Review by K Manuel
Have been using this product for two years. usually buy those 180 jells as my wife also use it & i travel a lot. during which I have not had the flu or any bad colds. it helps my immune system and i take one capsule a day. there are low priced capsules available but i am a bit skeptical about the quality. i made lots of enquiries before i made up my mind. sometimes i order over the phone. Roy is very helpful always. i am quite happy with the service and the product.

give it a try if you are low on immunity (Posted on 20/03/2014)
Better ResultsReview by Garcia
I was taking Royal Jelly for a while now and I noticed to have more energy as well my skin started to improve. even though the price is bit higher than other brands. i could'g go with cheaper ones
(Posted on 13/01/2014)
Expensive Review by Elaine
I have been taking these for 6 months and feel so much better and healthier. I can really feel the difference. (Posted on 20/12/2013)
royal jelly got somethingReview by Azam Ali
very good and natural jelly its vitamins helped me (Posted on 15/11/2013)

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